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Shoulder Bridge

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Shoulder Bridge

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The Pukka Pilates Exercise Tutorials and Taster Classes are taught by talented and fully-certified teachers. Click on ‘Meet all the Instructors’ to learn more about them.

Elliot Lake

Elliot is the Owner and Head Trainer at the Pilates Circuit studio in Wandsworth and at the Bootcamp Pilates studio in Fulham. He has coached over 10,000 hours of sports and fitness training since qualifying in 1991.

Elliot discovered Pilates after landing the area manager role at Bootcamp Pilates. He decided to qualify as a Pilates Instructor, in order to critique his team effectively. After getting the Pilates bug, he stepped down from the role in 2016, to take on his very own Bootcamp Pilates Franchise.

Elliot teaches group classes and 1-1’s at both studios. His classes are always fun and he knows how to motivate you to focus on your technique.

When he’s not teaching Pilates, Elliot loves golf, snowboarding, freediving and mountain climbing.

Maria Ester

Maria is a Master Pilates Trainer and Healing Facilitator. She’s been an advocate if Pilates ever since it helped heal her chronic backpain.

She now uses Pilates in conjunction with energy techniques and energy healing transmissions, to facilitate healing in herself and others.

A Reiki and meditation devotee, Maria’s Pilates classes are unique. She refers to them as ‘spiritual fitness classes,’ as they include visualisations, breathing work, meditation and energy connections with higher realms of consciousness.

Her classes are often choreographed to music, as it has healing qualities.

Tara Riley

Originally from Philadelphia, Tara trained as a competitive gymnast for 18 years. After retiring, she struggled to find a method of exercise that challenged her physically and mentally without irritating the injuries she sustained during her years as a gymnast. Then she found Pilates.

Tara is a Balanced Body® Certified Pilates Instructor, Fusion PilatesTM for pregnancy and postnatal certified instructor and a BootyBarre® Plus and BootyBarre® Flex & Flow certified instructor.

She's passionate about helping her clients achieve better wellbeing by pushing them to find their limits and smash through them.

Book a class with Tara and you can expect a fun, dynamic, high energy workout that will sculpt the entire body.

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