There are loads of misconceptions about Pilates. Some people think it’s a type of yoga – wrong. Some people think it’s easy – wrong again. Others think it’s just for women. Nope. Tom Daley, Harry Kane and Andy Murray are just three of the many men that incorporate Pilates into their training.

In this blog, I’m going to bust some common Pilates myths and set the record straight.

Pilates is just like yoga

Having done both Yoga and Pilates, I can tell you they are not the same. Yes, they are both low-impact workouts, breathing is central to both disciplines and both can help create a lean, toned physique. But the essence of each practice is different.


Yoga was created in India over 5,000 years ago with the purpose of connecting human consciousness with the universal consciousness through physical activity. Most yoga classes involve flowing through a series of poses (like downward dog, warrior pose, and cobra), utilising your body weight as resistance. The focus is on improving balance, flexibility, and the mind-body connection.


Meanwhile, Pilates was created in the early 20th century by former bodybuilder, Joseph Pilates, to rehabilitate injured soldiers during WW1.
Pilates classes involve slow, precise, controlled exercises to strengthen and tone the body. There’s an emphasis on core strength and stability, but it is a full-body workout.

Of the two, Pilates tends to be a bit more fast-paced than yoga, and there’s not as much focus on mindfulness. Both are equally as good for you!

Pilates is only for young, fit people

Nope. Pilates can be practised safely by anyone and everyone, from children and mums to be, to people with chronic illnesses and the elderly. Just ask Sheila Rodrigues. The 91-year-old is a regular at Jeannie Di Bon’s Pilates studio in London, and credits Pilates with ‘keeping my joints supple, reducing aches and pains, and helps strengthen the muscles I need to maintain an active, enjoyable life’.

Pilates is easy

If you’ve tried a Pilates class and thought it was easy, I’m sorry to break it to you, but you weren’t doing it right. I’ve been doing Pilates for a long time and I still find it extremely challenging – even the most basic of exercises are exhausting when done properly.

In a Pilates class, you work every muscle in your body, including the deepest muscles that tend to get neglected in a gym work out.

Do it right and it’s a TOUGH workout!

Pilates is just for women

If you think this, it may surprise you to know that Pilates was developed by  German-born Joseph Pilates. A former gymnast, boxer, and military trainer, he developed the Pilates method as a way to rehabilitate male prisoners in an internment camp.

A growing number of men are venturing into Pilates studios and experiencing the same amazing benefits as the ladies, so don’t be shy guys!

Pilates equipment is expensive

You don’t need to buy a reformer to get the most out of your Pilates practice. Pilates can be done without any equipment, and a lot of the small tools are very affordable. A magic circle, foam roller, and a swiss ball will challenge your Pilates workouts without breaking the bank.

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