Pilates Tutorials

To reap the rewards of Pilates, you need to get the technique right. These tutorials will take you through the proper form, breathing, and alignment. You’ll also learn modifications, to make the exercises easier or more challenging. I will be adding more tutorials over time, so check back for more. Please read the medical disclaimer before attempting these tutorials.

Control Balance

Single leg stretch

Double leg stretch

Spine Stretch Forward

Shoulder Bridge



The Seal


Half Roll Back

Rolling Like A Ball

Leg Pull Front

Hip Twist



Neck Pull


Spine Twist


The Crab


The 100


Meet the


The Pukka Pilates exercise tutorials and taster classes are taught by fully certified, experienced teachers. Get to know them by clicking on their profiles.

Elliot Lake

Elliot is the Owner and Head Trainer at the Pilates Circuit studio in Wandsworth and at the Bootcamp Pilates studio in Fulham. He has coached over 10,000 hours of sports and fitness training since qualifying in 1991.
Elliot started working in the health and fitness industry coaching various sports to all ages at a large corporate fitness facility in Surrey. In 1997 he started working for Holmes Place Health Clubs where he worked his way up through management until he managed the Chelsea and Putney branches.
Elliot only discovered Pilates after landing the area manager role at Bootcamp Pilates. He then decided to qualify as a Pilates Instructor through Polestar Pilates in order to be able to critique his team effectively and obviously teach the odd class. In 2016 he stepped down as GM to take on the first Bootcamp Pilates Franchise.
Elliot teaches both group classes and 1-1’s. His classes are always fun and he knows how to motivate you to really focus on your technique.
Elliot created Pilates Circuit (Wandsworth) in 2019 which is home to some of the best equipment the Pilates World has to offer including the FUSE LADDER which hasn’t ‘hit’ London yet. Clients are encouraged to find new ways to develop ‘ninja’ like strength and mobility without the bulk of someone who typically only trains in the gym.
When he’s not teaching Pilates, Elliot loves Golf, Snowboarding, Freediving and Mountain Climbing.
Teaches: Mat Pilates, Reformer Pilates, and Pilates Circuit classes
Studio: 63 Wandsworth High Street, London, SW18 2PT
Bootcamp Pilates Fulham
2 Fulham High St London SW6 3LQ
Contact 07507666277

Maria Ester

Before starting her journey with Pilates and Healing, Maria was teaching Pilates in studios around London. She qualified as a Pilates Master Trainer in 2010 after Pilates helped heal her own chronic backpain.
After giving birth at the end of 2018, she used energy healing frequencies in combination with Pilates to heal herself of the trauma of childbirth. It was so powerful, she was inspired to start healing others.
She now uses Pilates in conjunction with healing to restore other people’s bodies, minds and souls.
A Reiki and meditation devotee, Maria’s classes are unique - she refers to them as ‘spiritual fitness classes,’ as she teaches people to use the energy and frequency of the heart and higher realms of consciousness to heal the body and mind, while expanding the consciousness.
Maria has experience of teaching reformer Pilates for rehabilitation purposes, but her true passion is mat Pilates. She is passionate about choreographing mat Pilates exercises to music that incorporates instruments such as the hand pan, digeridoo, harp and guitar. She says, ‘music is healing. When you surrender to the music and allow your body to move freely, without resistance; you create magic, which can be healing’.
Teaches: Mat Pilates with healing

Tara Riley

Exercise has always played a large part of Tara’s life. Originally from Philadelphia Tara trained as a competitive gymnast for 18 years, achieving the highest level. After retiring from her gymnastics career, Tara struggled to find a type of exercise that could challenge her both physically and mentally without further irritating the numerous injuries she withstood during her years as a gymnast.

Then she found Pilates.

Tara is a Balanced Body® Certified Pilates Instructor, Fusion PilatesTM for pregnancy and postnatal certified instructor and a BootyBarre® Plus and BootyBarre® Flex & Flow certified instructor.

Tara enjoys working with all fitness abilities and loves helping clients achieve better wellbeing. As a busy mother of two very active boys, she understands the obstacles of staying fit and healthy as your body ages and doing Pilates keeps her feeling strong and lithe!

Tara’s feisty American ‘no guts no glory’ approach will push you to find your limits and then smash through them. Powerful and dynamic classes that will sculpt your body aesthetically whilst making you fall in love with your workout is Tara’s forté, so expect uplifting playlists and ever changing classes which will keep you feeling so engaged and addicted you’ll achieve those goals in no time.

Teaches: Mat, Fusion PilatesTM for pregnancy and postnatal certified instructor, BootyBarre® Plus and BootyBarre® Flex & Flow, Cardio-Sculpt and PHIT (Pilates High Intensity Training)
Studio: 136 Hither Green Lane SE13 6QA