Bosu Balance trainers

Reminiscent of a deflated space hopper, the Bosu balance trainer is made of rubber. Inflated on one side, and flat on the other, it’s a versatile bit of kit, that can be used for balance, mobility, strength training.

A great prop for Pilates, the unstable surface challenges the centre of gravity and balance. In other words, if your core isn’t engaged, you’ll spend the class in a heap on the floor.

Things to consider before buying a Bosu ball.


Bosu balls are inflatable pieces of rubber. They can deflate, or even worse, pop. Different Bosu balls have different weight limits. Check the weight specifications before opening your wallet.


Are you a ‘sweater?’ If so, make sure the ball has a textured surface (some are smooth). This will give you extra grip.

Pick one up from Decathlon. This Reversible Balance Trainer comes with straps for extra stability with standing exercises.




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