Gliding discs

Gliding discs are small frisbee-shaped plates that you use to ‘glide’ during exercise. You can use them with your feet or hands to work many muscle groups, including your abs, front and back of thighs, calves, chest and back.

Don’t be fooled – they may look innocuous, but they pack a heck of a punch!

Pilates Sliding Discs

Things to consider before buying a pair of Pilates sliding discs:


Some discs are smooth and some are textured. Some are hexagonal rather than round. Some have a non-marking, low-friction base, to prevent them leaving marks on your floors. Some discs come with detachable straps for security and stability. This is a good option if you suffer from sweaty feet.

There are lots of variables – it’s all down to personal preference.


Will you be using your gliding discs on carpet or hardwood flooring? Although some discs cater for both, check before you buy.

These Core Discs from Best Gym Equipment are a great investment, as they come with four 4′ wide Loop Bands, a medium-resistance Booty Band and a storage bag. The discs are dual-sided, with different textures on both sides, so that they can be used on carpet and hard floors.

Small, light and easy to store, Gliding Discs are the perfect addition to your Pilates props collection.


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