Pilates socks/shoes

Generally speaking, Pilates requires little to no equipment, but Pilates socks and/or shoes are a must. Compulsory in most Pilates studios, they’re a godsend for slippery surfaces and sweaty feet.

Pilates Socks

Things to consider before buying a pair:


The main reason for wearing pilates socks is the grip. A high grip sock will ensure your feet don’t slip when holding a pose. Rubber or silicon dots on the soles increase that non-slip grip. I have always worn Toesox, as they are comfortable and have the right amount of grip. But SockShop sell a range of others – Disney Pilates socks with Micky Mouse ears anyone?

Have a look at their range here.


No-one likes sweaty socks. They’re moist, smelly, and distracting. If you’re prone to sweating, ensure your Pilates socks are made of moisture-wicking fabric such as polyester or bamboo.


Mindfulness is an important aspect of Pilates. If your socks feel comfortable, you’ll have one less distraction. Features like arch support, cushioned heels and seamless toes all add to the comfort.

Pilates Shoes

Some people prefer to wear Pilates shoes over socks, especially for Reformer Pilates. For example, I’ve got ridiculously sensitive feet. Pilates shoes are made of rubber or other material that’s tough but retains flexibility. Good ones provide padding for your arches and heels, which makes footwork on full springs a lot more pleasant! I use these Toe Sport Pilates Massaging Socks. They have the right amount of padding to protect my feet, and enough grip for the standing reformer exercises.



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