Resistance Bands

Want to build muscle, increase mobility and improve your flexibility? Add a Resistance Band to your Pilates exercises. Low-cost, versatile, and easy to store, they add a whole new dimension to Pilates workouts.

Made from elastic, Pilates resistance bands come in various shapes, sizes and resistance levels, and are super effective at building strength, improving mobility and increasing flexibility.

Types of Pilates Resistance Bands

Therapy Bands

Long and flat, Therapy Bands are typically used for mobility and strength-building exercises.

The best thing about the TheraBand is you can use it to recreate reformer Pilates exercises on the mat. It’s especially effective for recreating the Rowing series.

This Physical Company Superflex X-Band pack of 4 TheraBands is great value for money.


Mini-Bands are essentially dinner-plate-sized elastic bands. Ideal for lower-body strengthening work, such as glute bridges, they can also help correct poor form, such as your knees caving during squats.

You can grab one of each resistance with this Fitness Mad Mini-Power Loop Set. 

Things to consider before buying a Pilates Resistance Band:


If you’re on the market for a TheraBand, make sure it’s long enough. It’s better to have it trailing on the ground than so short it prevents you performing a full range of motion.

Rule of thumb: Get a band the length of your body, plus an additional 8″.


Most resistance bands for Pilates are colour-coded according to tension level (light, medium, heavy, very heavy). It’s best to have at least three – light, medium, and heavy—as different muscle groups require different levels of resistance.


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